The campers and staff will be staying at the beautiful Float Rite Park. Camping will be closed to the general public during the hockey camp. This campground is perfectly equipped to host a hockey camp with their 20+ four bed cabins, bathrooms and showers, a camp store with all the camper’s needs, a restaurant area for all the meals, and plenty of space for camp activities and fun games such as: Sand Volleyball, Dodgeball, Capture-the-flag, a Movie Lounge, to name a few.

Somerset Ice Arena

Located across the street from the campground is the Somerset Ice Arena. The arena will be the perfect host to Northern Built Hockey with its accommodating locker rooms and various off-ice tools to further our campers development.

Various Parks of Somerset, WI

With two parks located within walking distance of the ice arena, Northern Built Hockey Camps has access to tennis courts, basketball courts, baseball fields, and soccer fields to use for all the off-ice activities and team building exercises. Along with becoming better hockey players, we want our campers to become better athletes off the ice.

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